A wondrous journey to another land and time

About the book

Trell Langois escapes a thousand-year-old curse. Being trapped as a tree wasn’t on her bucket list, but now she can continue as a healer. Traveling with her dragon, Torkel, she seeks out new cures to help others and meets Gren. An unfortunate soul who suffers from a dreadful disease.

Gren Oyg Har is a prince on a mission. In order to rule his father’s kingdom, he must find a healer. Not just any healer, mind you, but one with a dragon. Yet, it is Trell who finds and rescues Gren, but wants nothing more to do with him. If not for Torkel, she would leave him behind.

Separate goals soon become entangled, and both Trell and Gren are on their way to falling in love until secrets better kept hidden become known–and threaten to destroy all they hold dear.

My thoughts on the book

Darcy Carson takes the reader on a wondrous journey to another land and time where dragons and wizards are real.

She has created a modern fairy tale of princes and dragons and love. Her characters are delightful, from Gren and Trell, to Torkel the shapeshifting dragon. The plot takes unexpected twists and turns and will keep you turning the page.

But more than that, you’ll enjoy a story that confirms your faith in people. With a prose that’s easy to read and lyrical, you won’t want this story to end.

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