Double Obsession: A Sexy Thriller by Nicki Pascarella

The blurb

Best-selling romance author Jenna Gibson’s ability to create a lovable hero dries up after her divorce. In search of a muse, she lands on model Hunter Stone’s social media feed. The second she sees his shirtless selfies and chiseled torso, her flair for writing alluring rogues and sensual scenes returns. Soon memories of the time the young Hunter posed for the cover of one of her books come flooding in. But does a middle-aged mom stand a chance with a young celebrity?

Hunter Stone is drowning in cash and flirtatious messages from his fans. And Jenna Gibson, the gorgeous author he’s had a crush on for years, is sending him the spiciest messages of all. He’s living the sweet life until superfan Arkansas Buchanan shows up at his front door with a dead rodent, presents for his dogs, and an injured cat.

All Arkansas Buchanon needs is for her favorite author, Jenna Gibson, to write another book about a handsome duke. But first, she must defend her crush, Hunter Stone, from the perverts that ogle him on his scandalous subscription platform by tying him up in his basement. If Jenna shows up with the newest Desirable Duke book in time, they just might be able to save Hunter from the danger surrounding him.

Triggers: Sex, Language, Adult themes

Nicki’s bio

With the help of two hyperactive Shetland Sheepdogs, Nicki writes Women’s Fiction, Sexy Mysteries, Humor, and Romance. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and teenage daughter. When she isn’t writing and editing you will find her running, and belly dancing.

My thoughts

This novel sizzles.

The story of a crazed fan of a bestselling romance author and the model for her first book grips you from the first chapter and doesn’t let you go.

The characters are written with crisp words, especially Arkansas Buchanon, the fan who is determined to make Hunter Stone, a seductively handsome model, her own. She’s also the Number One fan of bestselling romance author Jenna Gibson. Arkansas is not all there, though, as evidenced by the plastic Jesus hanging in her home with his eyes scratched out (she didn’t want him to see the filth on social media).

Jenna is in a writing slump. Ever since her divorce, she hasn’t been able to write the sensual, sizzling stories her fans had come to expect. Her home life is in shambles, which includes a teenaged daughter with rebellious streak. Her ex is threatening to take them from her.

Hunter faces increasing pressure to show more, especially on the latest social media app. The model for Jenna’s first book, he’s had a secret crush on the older author for years.

When they meet…well, I’m not going to tell you what evolves. You’ll have to read it. Let’s just say it’s billed as a sexy thriller. And it doesn’t disappoint.

You’ll find yourself invested in the lives of Jenna, Hunter, and yes, even Arkansas. The story moves swiftly and expertly.

I can’t get enough of Nicki Pascarella’s writing. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Pascarella writes more sexy thrillers.

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