Troubles in Bellmount by Nicki Pascarella

About the book

Miranda Albright looks forward to her new life as a college professor in bucolic Bellmount, Pennsylvania. Then she discovers a dead body in the woods. Now she’s grappling with mystery, murder, and small town mayhem, along with her feelings for two very different men. And to top it all off, Miranda is psychic. Either that or she’s going crazy.

With the help of family and friends, Miranda delves deeper and deeper into local scandals and small town secrets. But powerful figures want to stop her. Now there’s big trouble in little Bellmount and Miranda is in the thick of it…

About the author

With the help of two hyperactive Shetland Sheepdogs, Nicki writes Women’s Fiction, Romantic Mysteries, Humor, Romance, and Paranormal Romance. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and teenage daughter. When she isn’t writing and editing you will find her running, and belly dancing.

My thoughts

There’s so much to love about Troubles in Bellmount

Dr. Miranda Albright is my new favorite paranormal amateur detective.  With a recent doctoral degree in English in hand, Miranda returns to her hometown, Bellmount, Pennsylvania to teach at the local college.

Her troubles start even before she reaches town when she finds an overly Officer Friendly and a dead body. Miranda is psychic, like her grandmother before her. When a young man is charged with the death, Miranda knows he’s innocent, and is determined to find the real murderer.

I loved the character of Miranda, a smart person who normally has common sense, but makes questionable choices in the pursuit of justice. Her sidekicks, Winona and Keisha, complement the English professor well. Both are sure to keep you entertained, Winona with her incredibly hilarious stories of her family and Keisha with her reactions to them. To round off this delightful ensemble, are the men of Bellmount, each handsome and attractive in their own ways.

There’s so much to love in this book, from the references to the budding technology of cell phones and the World Wide Web, to the characters who live in Bellmount, Pennsylvania.

Nicki Pascarella is a master storyteller and a gifted writer. The cadence, the style, and the tone of this novel are perfect. You may want to make a pot of coffee before you start reading; you won’t want to put it down once you pick it up.

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